Sagitta Safety Academy

Our mission is to lead and motivate people to understand and use eye protection properly in different conditions with an emphasis on the individuality of each person. Education and awareness in this area is as important for us as the quality of our products.

Perfect opportunity

Health Days, Safety Days and other company-wide social events are an ideal opportunity to popularize, motivate and educate in the field of eye protection in the workplace. We contribute to this through lectures, workshops, and vision screenings.


They have the character of professional but, at the same time, layman content related to vision and its protection. They can be focused on special activities and areas of eye protection, such as working with a computer, laser devices or work in protective masks. The audience will learn how we see, by what we see, why vision deteriorates, and which corrective aids are suitable not only for work, but also for sports and entertainment. The lecture can be supplemented by a quiz related to specific customer issues.


Open discussions on human vision, its functioning and vision-related risks. Participants can “try” various visual impairments and limitations using simulation glasses which can induce a real feeling of various post-traumatic eye conditions and eye diseases.


In reality, the measurement of visual acuity is performed using brought medical devices. The participant’s vision can be measured by objective refraction using an auto refractometer and the results can be consulted with an expert.