Eye protection

Prescription Safety Eyewear

Prescription Safety Eyewear

The glasses correct visual defects and, at the same time, protect the eyes from dangerous risks in the workplace.

Plano Safety Eyewear

The design and construction of glasses take into account the requirements for optimal ergonomics with an emphasis on maximum safety for the wearer.

Office Eyewear

They compensate for the absence of medium distance correction when looking at the monitor. The integrated BlueCarePurit filter prevents blue light from penetrating into the eye.

Special Safety Eyewear

Eye protection against radiation damage to the eye. Dangerous radiation with potential vision damage: laser, ionizing, IR and UV radiation, high-energy blue light


Cases, laces and straps for glasses. They improve overall user comfort.



Examination of visual acuity, vision screening and vision auditing is performed by specialists directly in the plant with modern instruments.

Ultra Cleaner

Ultra cleaner

Professional care system for your glasses focused on disinfection, anti-fog and cleaning.